"Education does not mean remembering something and producing it at the time of examination." True education helps a person to know how to live life happily. It makes him intellectually sound, mentally alert, physically strong, socially adaptable and spiritually enlightened. It helps a person to have a broad heart, wide vision and a global outlook. It makes him honest and truthful in all his dealings. Here, to inculcate these values in children teachers and parents have to play a major role. We should exchange our thoughts at regular intervals, understand each other well and do whatever is best for our students. The best platform for this is the parent-teacher meetings which are conducted at regular intervals. I shall be very happy if every parent attends these meetings without fail. I am very happy that many parents are giving their constructive suggestions and guidance for the development of the school. We have a very good team of dedicated and committed teachers. The parents of Swastik International School are highly co-operative, generous and rich in ideas. So, I am sure our school will excel in all fields and will reach new heights in this academic session.

Once again I wish a very happy, prosperous and fruitful new academic year for your wards. Anticipating your co-operation and assuring my co-operation to you at the time of need.